About Us


Fly Over The City, Expert Courier Services – We are proud to serve our Customers!

We are dedicated, passionate cyclists and drivers. Since our grass-roots inception in April, 2000, we have been steadily growing our business and honing our craft on the streets of Boston and New York.

It’s been an unprecedented sixteen years in the courier and shipping industries since our humble beginnings. Consolidations and closings have been prevalent amongst our peers but as an owner-operated business we’ve been able to maintain, and grow our business by staying true to the one thing that keeps us in business – YOU, OUR CUSTOMER.

We at Fly Over The City have a basic business philosophy which we apply throughout your shipping process:
- Provide impeccable customer service
- Provide accurate tracking systems of your shipment
- Provide prompt and efficient delivery of your shipment
- Grow and maintain the trust between us – we value your business!